Does Organic Food Really Help you in Weight Loss?

Over the years, we have received this question thousands of times. Dietary habits are vital for any individual. So many people wonder if organic food helps us lose weight. Today we will try to answer this fundamental question. There are a lot of doubts regarding organic fruits and vegetables. Many people think about how these can be helpful for their health. Is it even worth the hassle to make the switch to organic produce? Even the experts are always hotly debating over many aspects of these questions. Let’s take a gander and end the debate once and for all. 

What is organic food?

Many people are confused about organic food. There are a few who are tremendously unaware of the types of cooking and growing techniques. Organic farming is a completely healthy way of growing food on farms. The method makes use of no artificial means of production. Chemical components like pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and weedicides are all out of the question. Instead, the farmers make use of natural ingredients, which can help in the same way. Organic manure produced at the farm helps in promoting plant growth. Food processing is also made sure to be chemical and radiation-free.

There are millions of people around the world who are into organic food. It is considered a healthy way of living these days. The USDA or US department of agriculture makes sure that all organic farmers meet the health standards.

Organic food for weight loss:

Organic food is known to be quite an effective way of getting your daily nutrition. Many people have started following a completely natural pathway. Certain people are eager to make baseless claims, but the reality is not apparent yet. Research takes place regularly to know if organic food can help reduce weight. A study conducted by environmental health perspectives tried to check the role of organic foods on pregnant women. The study concluded that overall organic food helped keep the mother healthy. The mothers who consumed organic food had babies with average weight. 

Mothers who consumed nonorganic food had overweight babies. The lines are, however, still blurry. Pesticides can lead to irregular thyroid activity, which can cause obesity. 

Thus, Organic food connects to your weight loss. Overall you need to stay careful of all the unnecessary harmful products you need. Food is only one aspect of the weight loss journey. Your diet accounts for a considerable part; hence you need to cut down on calories. Exercising and regular activeness also plays a role. You also need to take care of your sleep cycle. 

Body Benefits From Organic Food:

Many people use organic food at home. It has become a staple in thousands of households. If you are considering making the switch, then it can be a great idea to look at the benefits. It is a better form of food consumption. Here are the advantages of Organic food. 

1. Safer

Organic food is much safer to consume. Food growing practices are very well standardized. These will help to ensure that no harmful chemicals come on the menu. Regular farm produce can have traces of pesticides on them. These are quite harmful to the human body when consumed continuously over the years. Making the switch to organic food is the long term solution for your health.

2. Nutrient-rich

The natural growth of organic food on domesticated soil makes them nutrient-rich. Many farmers make manure from leftover crops of previous seasons. These rejuvenate the soil with essential vitamins and minerals. Organic food tends to be more concentrated in nutrients than chemical fertilizer production.  

3. Fresh

The freshness of organic food is not at par with anything else. People can buy them from nearby farms. They do not come full of preservatives. 

4. GMO-free

Many consumers hate to have GMOs in their food. Organic food products are completely free of genetically modified organisms. These are genetically modified strains of food plants that are not naturally occurring. The main goal of organic food is to ensure the growth of food in natural form. They can be useful in some cases, but most people are afraid of trying out newer sciences. 

Is organic food free of pesticides?

There is often a misconception that organic food is completely free of pesticides. The answer is indeed a little more complicated than that. The naturally grown food makes use of natural pesticides instead of chemical ones. These are quite less harmful to the human body in comparison to the artificial ones. Natural pesticides include tomato leaves, onions, garlic, Melia or neem, chili, marigold, etc. All of these sound much less terrifying than DDT, toxaphene, among many others. Most chemical 

pesticides act as a slow poison to humans. 

How to know your food is organic?

Organic food generally cannot be found in regular supermarket stores. The best way to get organic food is from a local organic farmer. If you live close by a whole foods store, you can find the best organic fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and eggs. The best way to know if your food is organic is by checking for a tag. The organic food tag is found only in naturally grown food items. One hundred percent of organic stickers are on homegrown items. Food, production with 70% organic content, can be labeled created using natural ingredients. Companies and people who do not abide by the policy can face up to $10000 in fines. The label also comes with a USDA organic authenticity sticker. 

How to Loose Weight with Organic Food?

Organic food cannot be the only factor responsible for your weight loss journey. As mentioned above, sleep, exercise, and activeness also play a part. The best part about starting a weight loss campaign is to bring about a lifestyle change. It will help you feel better and stay more motivated. We recommend that you try getting more dietary fibers instead of carbohydrates. It is also a good idea to avoid sweets and savory fruits like mangoes, grapes with high sugar. These can force you to gain weight instead of losing. Eat food items that are rich in proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Overall you can work by decreasing your appetite. Antioxidant-rich foods like spinach and kale are also a must. 


The organic food industry is still entirely new in the market. Many people might have doubts about trusting this new industry. In reality, it is the one that has our best interests in mind. We recommend that you try organic food at least once to see results. The price change is not significant, but the health change will be.

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